Christopher DeMartino

Owner / Chief Visual Problem Solver / Designer

Avid visual problem solver with over 25+ years of Brand & Product Marketing / Communications / Creative Management experience. Extensive background in creating brands, product development, and project management.

• Communication Design
• Print and Packaging
• Marketing Campaigns
• Product/Brand Management
• Digital Production
• Product Launches
• Social Media
• Point-of-purchase/Retail Marketing
• Channel Marketing
• Program Development
• Trade Shows Aesthetics
• Creative Communication

Thermo Fisher, Sony Electronics, Sound United, Fluidra, Breg, Oberon Fuels, Rubio’s, BioFilm, Fujikura Golf, Zodiac Pool Systems, Square Peg Packaging, Razer, Brain Corporation, RoJo Marketing, Kawaii Water, HomeData Guard, Jenny Craig, Razor, EarthColor, and Sony Ericsson.